Traffic Studies and Planning
Data Collection and Projections
Signal Warrant Analysis
Modeling and Analysis
Engineering Needs Studies
Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
Transportation Master Plans
Parking Studies
Traffic Signals
Intersection Channelization
Roadway Lighting
Parking/Roadway Signage and Striping
Construction Traffic Control
Coordinated Signal System Timing
Operational Analysis
Circulation Analysis
TEC provides comprehensive transportation engineering services to public and private clients including federal agencies, state Department of Transportation (DOTs) clients, municipalities, counties, American Indian Tribes, civil engineering firms and private developers.
TEC utilizes the latest electronic equipment available to collect accurate traffic data. This data is used to complete traffic studies including:
Traffic signal warrant analysis includes the collection of:
This information determines the need for a traffic signal to improve the overall safety and efficiency of a given intersection.
The latest versions of CORSIM and Synchro, as well as other traffic simulation models are used by TEC to analyze the following:
This analysis is used to determine optimum traffic signal timing for isolated signalized intersections and coordinated traffic signal systems. It can also be used to review existing geometric alignments or future geometric changes to intersections, streets and highway interchanges.
By collecting data from the following sources, TEC can determine short and long term solutions to improve street system safety and efficiency, reduce liability exposure and assist in the future development or expansion of municipal and county infrastructure.
The purpose of a TIA is to forecast, describe, and analyze the traffic and transit effects a development may have on the existing and future infrastructure. TEC conducts traffic impact studies and analysis for developments of all sizes including commercial, residential, institutional (school) and combinations of mixed land use. The current traffic data is combined with projected traffic volumes to determine the expected impact on traffic in regards to the new development.
TEC has extensive experience providing transportation master plans to public clients. This requires specialized knowledge and collection of the following information:
Summary reports and street maps are prepared to indicate the future transportation master plan. The master plan includes recommendations on major arterial street networks, traffic control improvements and land use zoning recommendations.
TEC provides parking studies to collect required information regarding capacity and use of new or existing parking facilities. Parking studies may be limited to a particular traffic producer like a retail store or an entire area such as a central business district. Once the study area has been determined, there are different types of parking studies that may be required. TEC's Parking Studies include the following:
TEC provides services for both isolated intersections, as well as coordinated traffic signal systems. There are numerous types of signal coordination systems available today. TEC takes the time to understand each Client's capabilities to operate and maintain a system in order to specify which systems are compatible with the existing staff's capabilities to optimize success.
TEC has proven experience with the following systems:
We are familiar with National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP).
Simple is the key with intersection channelization design and TEC is known internationally for designing traffic signals with maintenance in mind. TEC's philosophy is to keep this type of project easy to construct, more adaptable to changes in traffic needs and clear directional use by drivers.

TEC provides urban and rural roadway design for both public and private clients. Through established relationships and strategic partnerships with civil engineering consulting firms, TEC is a trusted resource for the following services:

Properly designed and maintained roadway lighting enables comfortable and safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. TEC is a leader in designing intricate decorative lighting projects. Serving public and private clients, TEC has experience with both linear and tower lighting projects. TEC utilizes the latest industry standard lighting software to obtain the proper photometric design for each lighting system project.
TEC has been called upon to review and design large parking areas for both private and public clients. The reviews typically include:

Often there is more than one workable solution to construction traffic control design. TEC takes pride in providing a course of action based on safety, as well as the design and construction requirements. Services may include:

Coordinated signal system timing is used to control or increase the flow of traffic. Factors that must be considered to make timing successful include:

Operational analysis is a method of examining the current and historical performance and enhancing effectiveness by identifying what does and does not work. Through measurement and evaluation the ability of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles to travel along the study area are reviewed. The steps that are included in operational analysis include:

When it comes to circulation analysis, TEC focuses on capacity, safety and geometric layout. The need to analyze future traffic, parking or infrastructure needs is paramount to the success of any community. Items that may be considered in a circulation analysis include:
Software used in circulation analysis includes the latest versions of: