Traffic Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Our Team

  • Steven
    • Steven D. Hofner, P.E., PTOE


      A second generation transportation engineer and the founder of TEC, Steve was exposed to the world of traffic engineering through his father. He takes great pride in his work and finds its impact on the public’s everyday life rewarding.. As a Principal of TEC, Steve manages the company, makes public presentations, conducts traffic studies and spends a significant amount of time on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) design and signal timing particularly with regards to signal systems. When not at work, you can find Mr. Hofener traveling, playing a round of golf, fishing or spending time with his grandchildren.

      “Our work shapes cities, has immediate impact, and greatly enhances the convenience of our roadway system for the public.”

  • Todd
    • Todd E. Butler, P.E., PTOE


      Always up for a challenge,Todd particularly enjoys the aspect of design and analysis in traffic engineering and sees the field as an excellent opportunity for longevity. As the President of TEC, Todd is responsible for the day-to-day activities of firm operation, project procurement, performance of traffic studies, operational analyses, engineering design support and report preparation. During his leisure time, Todd likes to woodwork, camp, backpack or cheer on his favorite football team.

      "I always enjoy working with the people of TEC, as well as our clients and other engineers. I like the challenge of a new project and the enjoyment of seeing that project through to successful completion"

  • Wayne
    • R Wayne Russell, P.E., PTOE

      Sr. Vice President

      A love for math persuaded Wayne into traffic engineering. He knew he wanted a profession in the construction industry working in an office and getting out in the field occasionally. As the Vice President of TEC, Wayne is responsible for project and contract management, meets with clients to assess needs and present solutions, prepares proposals, plan production of various types of traffic-related projects for state, local and private entities and provides cost estimates for traffic-related construction projects. Wayne enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends, playing card games, watching a good movie or serving at his church.

      "I enjoy designing a project and seeing the final product constructed. It is awesome to be able to spend time with all of the great people in the traffic engineering profession on a daily basis. I love the work that I do and am thankful to be working with the great people of TEC."

  • Michael
    • Michael Hofener, P.E., PTOE

      Vice President

      Traffic Engineering has been a part of Michael's life from a young age. He is a third generation traffic engineer. His grandfather was the Traffic Engineer for the City of Tulsa, as well as the State of Oklahoma. His uncle was a highway engineer for the State of Oklahoma and his father, Steven Hofener served as a Traffic Engineer for the City of Oklahoma City before founding TEC. As the Corporate Secretary and Project Manager for TEC, Michael is responsible for managing various types of projects including signal design, signing and striping design, signal coordination and various types of traffic studies. When not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and raising his two sons, playing just about any organized sport, working out, biking, or watching his favorite college football team.

      "I love the opportunity to work with and learn from so many different professionals that are involved in this field. Whether it is engineers, planners, technicians, lawyers, public agency committee members or citizens there is always something to learn."

  • BJ
    • B.J. Hawkins, P.E., PTOE

      Principal / Corporate Secretary

      Mr. Hawkins is currently an Engineer with the firm of Traffic Engineering Consultants, Inc. (TEC). He has been a traffic engineer with the firm since May 2006. He worked at the TEC Tulsa office for 3 years before relocating to the Oklahoma City office in May 2009. His responsibilities include conducting traffic impact and traffic simulation studies, performing intersection and traffic signal warrant analyses, analyzing traffic signal timing plans, and designing traffic signal, signing, striping, and lighting plans. B.J. enjoys spending his free time with his family, travelling, playing golf or watching sports.

      "Although I tend to work on the same types of projects, each one is completely different. Each project represents different challenges and makes me think. There is nothing repetitive or boring about traffic engineering."

  • Jon
    • Jon H. Eshelman, P.E., PTOE

      Tulsa Office Manager

      Two great influencers in Jon's career path to becoming a Traffic Engineer included his father, who never had the opportunity to attend college but who, nevertheless, was an excellent mechanical problem solver and a Scoutmaster who was a civil engineer. As a Manager of TEC's Tulsa office, Jon is responsible for business development, client relationships, as well as engineering analysis and design. When not at work, you can find Jon working in his yard or biking.

      "I love providing a valuable service to people, most of whom don't even know I exist let alone how I impact their lives on a daily basis."

  • Hao
    • Hao Liu, P.E.

      Traffic Engineer

      A passion for math introduced Hao to traffic engineering. At TEC, he is responsible for conducting traffic impact studies, preparing traffic signal, signing and striping plans, performing traffic simulation studies, and supporting the design of transportation master plans and signal timing studies. Hao enjoys spending his leisure time traveling, watching or playing just about any sport, or reading.

      "I love developing something that will be implemented in just a few years. When I drive down the street and realize I helped design a signal, lighting, timing or striping of a particular project, it makes me feel great."

  • Steve
    • Steve Booth

      CADD Supervisor

      Steve Booth has been with TEC since 1998. At TEC, he is the CADD Supervisor and is responsible for all the production and format of the plans that TEC provides. Steve enjoys woodworking, nascar and spending time with family and church friends.

  • Chris
    • Chris Crook

      CADD Technician

      Chris Crook has been with TEC since 1996. At TEC, he is responsible for developing cad drawings, maintaining and developing add on software for the drafting software. Chris enjoys spending time with his family, weather (trained with the national weather service), Astronomy, computers and technology and constructing Lego sets.

  • Teri
    • Teri Moore

      Administrative Assistant

      Teri has been with TEC since 1996. At TEC, she is responsible for answering the phones, typing traffic studies and letters, completing 254/255 forms and other pertinent forms needed by clients and invoicing every month. Teri enjoys traveling, scuba diving and spending time with her grandchildren.


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